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Rauwolfia serpentina as an adjunct in the pre-operative management of toxic goiter


Calma CR, Trinidad JC


Rauwolfia Serpentina, first used in India several centuries ago for various disorders, has during the past decade been used extensively for hypertension and neuropsychiatric conditions. Mainly because of its potent bradycardic and satisfactory sedative effect and its probable sub-cortical level (hypothalamus) of activity, we have employed reserpine in the pre-operative preparation of patients with hyperthyroidism in conjunction with conventional anti-thyroid medications. Results in 37 cases indicate that the remission of symptoms is hastened and the duration of preoperative preparation shortened when reserpine is used in addition to heretofore conventional anti-thyroid regimen. Reserpine is recommended only as an adjunct to currently known anti-thyroid medications in the preparation of patients for definitive surgery.


Plant local nameSerpentina
Scientific nameRauwolfia serpentina
Is local study?Yes
"" plant grouping3
Abstract availabilityYes
"" plant name IDSPT38
Type of studyFor classification
Full text available?
Full citationCalma CR, Trinidad JC. Rauwolfia serpentina as an adjunct in the pre-operative management of toxic goiter. Philipp J Surg Obstet Gynecol.